Young actress Pich Sovansakada (ពេជ្រ សុវណ្ណសក្កដា) is rumored to have a young sugar daddy.

Sources from the entertainment industry told the Khmer Herald Website earlier this week, the actress is planning to quit entertainment in order to satisfy her boyfriend's wishes because he's unhappy the actress’s career.

The rumor also adds that her family urged her to abandon the arts because he's all that she needs.

In a birthday party for entertainer TaTa (តាតា), Pich Sovansakada (ពេជ្រ សុវណ្ណសក្កដា) and a young man, believed to be a her boyfriend, were seen together.

The actress hasn’t been reached for further comments over the rumor.

Pich Sovansakada (ពេជ្រ សុវណ្ណសក្កដា) has recently joined the entertainment business but with her talent and beauty she has gained much fame as a young entertainer.

Vj GiGi (Pich Solida (ពេជ្រ សូលីដា)), she is a famous Vj at CTN TV. We will see her at CTN TV like the program of Cellcard Scince, Dom Trey Tgnay Atet program. Before, her used to work as the program Som Noch Pum with Mr. Sokea and Dj Big too.

Yuk Chenda (យុគ ចិន្តា) is Cambodian Super MC In CTN Cambodia.

Dy Sonita - Cute Cambodia Star

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